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Climbing / Blog - 10 months ago

Re-Gram: 9 Night Climbing Photos

Re-Gram: 9 Night Climbing Photos9 photos of climbers getting after it after hours, submitted by our readers.9 ImagesLow light or no light should never stop a good session. These climbers ignored the setting sun to flick on their headlamps for good te...

Climbing / Blog - 10 months ago

A Year in the Life of a Climbing Photographer

While the life of a traveling climber/climbing photographer might seem to be all glitz, glamor, and exotic destinations, travel is strenuous and disorienting. You’re often rootless, and schlepping untold pounds of gear around the world and up the cli...

Climbing / Blog - 11 months ago

The Story Behind 3 Standout Climbing Photos

Take a look behind the scenes of three of the year’s standout climbing photographs in the categories of action, scenic, and portrait. Here, the photographers who took them share what went into each image, as well as their tips and tricks for nailing...