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Climbing / Blog - 9 months ago

Noon Patrol: The Wrong Way to Have Fun

Some climbers wake before dawn to climb at empty crags. Kevin Corrigan sleeps in and shows up when those people go home. Noon Patrol is his monthly column about how climbers should have more fun, be nicer, and take the sport less seriously. For Kevin...

Climbing / Blog - 9 months ago

Mexico Rocks! Exploring 5 Crags Near Mexico City

As our van pulled into the wooded cul de sac, we could see many ropes hanging from gray, cobbled cliffs and dozens of climbers waiting their turn. Mexican hip-hop blared from a speaker somewhere up the hill. Cries of mátala! and venga! filtered throu...

Climbing / Blog - 10 months ago

Classic Routes: Indian Creek's Scarface

Ashley Schenck hikes Scarface (5.11-) while Hal Garner belays and Mike Pang grabs the mandatory photo-op. Photo: Julie EllisonLocation: Scarface Wall, Indian Creek, UtahGrade: 5.11-Type: TraditionalLength: 70 feetTo be the most-photographed route at...